About me … training, seminars and education


My profession is MSc of biotechnology, the knowledge I gained while learning about genetic, heredity, anatomy, morphology and physiology of the animals is really helpful in making a good decisions while running our kennel. It makes choosing a sire or everyday decisions in life full of trening a lot easier and safer for our dogs. At the beggining I listened to advices of a lot of people, but with time and while acquiring new cynological knowledge I discovered that there are as many opinions as people around, so now I make my decisions with only help of other important kennels that have similiar priorities to us. One of my most important advisors is „voice of Africa” which is one of the biggest and most valued kennels of Rhodesians from the origin place of this breed.

I’m a cynologist by hobby and passion, training of the dogs was fascinating for me even when I was a little child. I prefered to teach my dogs simple commends like „give paw” than playing with dolls. I still deepen my knowledge with cynological and veterinary literature. I put a lot of emphasis on genetics, health and education of good working dogs. I also attend a lot of both teoretical and practical seminars and trainings in ZKwP in Szczecin. I’m also an active member of the branch of the Polish Kennel Club and I try to deepen the knowledge and exchange the opinions with other breeders, no matter the breed of dogs they work with. I’m mostly concentrating on working dogs. Some seminars that I attended:

  • seminar „Psychology of the animal vs psychology of the people” – on educational problems, mental development of the dog, stages of its development and critical moments in the life of puppies during which they are extremely sensitive to environmental influences.
  • „In a healthy body, there is a healthy dog” – on appropriate feeding of sports dog, how to perform warm-ups, the training, the injuries that can happen during training and the anatomy of the dog and congenital abnormalities.
  • Seminar of tracking utility group organized by Szczecin tracking group „The Clue” – a theoretical – practical seminar, knowledge gained from there I’m trying to put into practice during training of Nira and Adara.
  • „Secure Communications of dog with a child” – practical classes where I worked with Shana preparing her for kynotherapy.

The range knowledge gained in other courses and trainings:

  • Phylogenesis
  • The morphology and anatomy of dogs
  • diseases of dogs
  • Fundamentals of physiology
  • Handling and grooming
  • Genetics

I readily use gained knowledge in our kennel which results are our dogs and the dogs that were breed by us. All new owners have my help at any time of the day and night. When I’m not sure about something I’m having some great friends, such as dog trainer, physiotherapist of dogs, pretender IPO, veterinarians, behaviorist and zoopsycholog who are equally happy to help.