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Sirius – Canis Maior (FCI)

We are home breeding kennel maintained with passion and great commitment.

All puppies receive metrics with which new onwer can obtain FCI pedigree. Pedigree gives future owners that purchased the puppy invaluable knowledge about:

  • health
  • psyche,
  • origin
  • exterior (appearance)

Our dogs are tested for the possibility of different diseases (the tests are not only standard). In addition to the common test for hip and elbow we’re also looking at osteochondrosis joint brachio-shoulder, heart, eyes and thyroid hormone. Dogs also undergo periodic examinations and they are: full blood biochemistry and ultrasound.

All dogs in our breeding programm are healthy, with certificates and the results of health tests that are presented on our site confirms it.

Other breeding distinguishes us above all combination of great exterior, usability and sportiness of our dogs. Our dogs delight the judges not only on exhibition shows, but also have numerous successes in various sports: in tracking utility, coursing, PT and BH examinations or obedience competitions. Puppies moderate personalities make them also a great dogs for active families. We are in regular contact with the houses our whelps live in, which gives us great satisfaction and knowledge about their further development..

Our kennel is registered in Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce, which is the only Polish organization kennel llub belonging to the International Kennel FederationFCI.

How it begins …

About me … training, seminars and education.

Dogs from us …. (Work and Sports)

Sirius – Canis Maior

Sirius - Canis Maior hodowla Rhodesian Ridgeback FCI (2)