Litter ” Ilusion”

Breeding is not easy, it has a lot of aspects. It’s about to producing healthy dogs, who will be a great friend to their family, with sound temperament, hopefully also the construction and looks of the „ideal” ridgeback and for us it’s also important to produce Ridgebacks who want to work. No matter how hard we try and do our best, we also need a little bit of luck in that. Every breeder has their own plans, dreams and destination. So even our kennel has it’s own ideas and dreams of what kind of puppies will be born. My expectations are elegant Ridgebacks, with nice frame, gorgeous golden color of their coat, great movement and the best thing – healthy dogs who will want to work. I’m expecting nice angulations, beautiful heads with dark eyes and perfect top line. I will be really proud if new owners work with puppies <3


  • 6 puppies born : 3 male & 3 bitch
  • All puppies are JME, B locus Free by parents.




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