Sirius – Canis Maior Kennel FCI

„C” Parents and Pedigree


Ch. BH. ADARA Sirius – Canis Maior FCI

Sir: J.Cl.Ch. Igugu Lethu Brilliant Boma (Bonitacion ZZP)
Dam: RCh, BH, Ch. Shana Rhodesian Park Dolomity (BH, R1, R2, R3, mental tests: 5/5)
Born: 22.10.2016 r.
Hight: 65 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Colour: red-weathen

Rally – Obedience Puppy Championship 2018
Champion of Poland

Candidate to: Interchampion, Youth Champion of Poland

BIS III Puppy Manowo 2017, multi BOB puppy, 1x BOB, 2x BOS

ED: 0/0
OCD: wolna
-Spondylosis: free
-LTV: free
JME: N/N (free)
-Certificate of eye examination – unaffected genetic eye diseases
-Thyroid: proper
-USG: internal organs proper
-Blood biochemistry: in the norm

Trained: BH, Mental tests: 5/5

.Major achievements:

First Rhodesian Ridgeback in Poland with the title Rally-Obedience Puppy Championship finished before 7 months !!!

I place in Rally-O conpetition in Gdańsk: 210/210 pkt
I place in Rally-O conpetition in Gdańsk: 210/210 pkt
I place in Rally-O conpetition in Stettin: 210/210 pkt
IV place in Top Speed Dog competition in Stargard Szczeciński in 2018r.
Speed Way – Warszawa: I time 36.36, II time 37.38 the best time in day 37.38 km/h. Place 7/19 dywizja A3.

Best of Breed Śłupsk 2017 r. (BOB)
Best in Show – 3 palce in puppy class Manowo hunting dog show 2017.
2x Best of Opposite Sex (BOS)
1x Best Bitch in Breed
1x Best Junior in Breed

Charakter: Adara is our tiny rising star from litter A. She was the only girl from that litter and the only breeding bitch able to share her father’s genes. She has amazing pedigree with 25% of he r ancestors being from Australia’s best lines. Adara is also a real working machine, loves working with humans, she’s very smart and learns fast. Most importantly she also has a big heart – after our daughter was born she’s her primary guardian, never leaving her side. She watches over her when she’s moving bear the stairs,plays with her all day. Adara is very patient and we’ll balanced dog without any signs of fear or aggression. When we have a new person as a guest in our house she’s first to play with them after a few minutes 😉 She loves being in the centre of human attention which is atypical for RR, she can even climb on strangers lap. That being said she will protect her family, especially our children

More about Adara –  „Adara„.

 Ch. Azizi Nille KwaNyoni

Sir: Abuya Balou v. h. Maasjesfles
Dam: Carrie Ann z Valdštejnských lip
Born: 06.04.2011 r.
Hightt: 70 cm
Weight: 47 Kg
Colour: red-weathen
Breeder: Danuše Netušilová
Owner: Lucie Šimková

Champion of Czech Republic
Champion of Poland
Champion of KCHRR
Best Male KCHRR 2013

Candidate : Interchampion, Champion of Germany, Champion of Austria.

1 place BEST HEAD CKRR 2014

1 place BEST HEAD KCHRR 2012
2 place BEST HEAD KCHRR 2013


ED: 0/0
OCD: free
-Spondylosis: free
-Hemophilia B: XHY (free)

D-locus: D/D (free)
B-locus: B/b
JME: N/N (free)
Hereditary eye defects – CLEAR
Andrologic examination of semen: Semen is high quality


.Charakter: For the father of future puppies, we have chosen a proven reproducer from the Czech Republic. Azizi has attracted my attention for a long time, giving his best qualities to puppies. He enchanted me not only with a beautiful head and a perfect upper line but also with his courage in coursing and a wonderful psyche. This is the dog we chose, carefully examining his psyche and his commitment to working with people. He has no problems in dealing with strangers or dogs. He is a very confident dog with a strong hunting instinct. Azizi is full of elegance and very graceful male with beautiful build and proportions, strong bone, good angulation of the front, perfect line of the back and a beautiful chest and forechest… but most of all I value his head. We hope that the puppies will inherit a quite large dose of his fantastic traits.

More about Azizi:, or on facebook: