„A” Parents and Pedigree

Rodowód miotu A


Ch. Shana Rhodesian Park Dolomity

Sir: Ch. Excalibur Anunnaki
Dam: Ch. Eza Apazo Folwark Zwierzęcy
Born: 10.10.2013 r.
Hight: 62 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Colour: red-weathen

Youth Club Winner 2014
Junior Champion of Poland
Champion of Poland
Rally-Obedience 1
Rally-Obedience 2
Qualifications to Master of Top Speed Dog

ED: 0/0
-Knee joints: proper
OCD: free
D-locus: D/D
-B-locus: B/B

-Ridge disposition (R): R/R (dominant homozygote)
-Certificate of eye examination – unaffected genetic eye diseases
-Certificate of heart examination – unaffected genetic diseases
-Thyroid: proper
-Thermographic: proper
-USG: internal organs proper
-Blood biochemistry: in the norm

Trained: BH, R1, R2, Mental tests: 5/5

.Major achievements:
I place in Rally-O conpetition in Gdańsk: 210/210 pkt time: 2,56 min.
I place in III Rhodesian Ridgeback coursing competition in 2015r.
I place in Rally-O conpetition in Stargard Szczeciński: 209/210 pkt time: 1,55 min.
IV place in Master of Top Speed Dog 2015
II place in Top Speed Dog in Stargard Szczeciński in 2015r.
IV pace in II Rhodesian Ridgeback coursing competition in 2015r.
Best of Breed Manowo 2015 r. (BOB)
3x Best of Opposite Sex (BOS)
2x Best Bitch in Breed
2x Best Junior in Breed

Character: Shana is extremely patient and calm girl. She loves movement, the work with humans, as well as hours of tanning in the sun. I hope the puppies will inherit these attributes, because we want them to be the best family puppies. They have to be a friend and family member, and a dogs that will be safe in every sense of that word… and of course they should be obedient. Such as our Shana – sustainable.

More about Shana in  „Our Dogs„.

J.Ch. Igugu Lethu Brilliant Boma

Sir: Ch.Usakose Air Of Success of Gondwana
Dam: Ch.Nkosi Sikelele Bushman´s Zazu
Born: 22.03.2012 r.
Hight: 67 cm
Weight: 43 Kg
Colour: red-weathen
Breeder: Julia and Olaf Nowak
Owner: Andy and Babsi Müller

Junior Club Champion DZRR/VDH/FCI 2013

HD: A1/A1
ED: 0/0
OCD: free
-LTV: free

Livernose gene

ZZP: 25.05.14r.

Major achievements:
Best Junior in Breed in DZRR Club Show 2013

Character: Boma is a dog with extremely balanced psyhe. He is warm, friendly and open to new experiences. His calm and composure are granted to all who are in his company. There are no problems in contacts with strangers. On the contrary he loves children, and in their presence he is behaving like a real nurse, gives a tousle, caress but still has an eye on everything to make sure that nothing bad will happen. On the other hand he is a very confident dog with a strong hunting instinct. Boma is proportionally built male, with a beautiful head, strong skeleton, good angulation and spine lines and beautiful chest. We hope that puppies will inherit his beautiful color and fantastic character. We hope that they will inherit a part of his father, unusual dog from Australia – Usakose Air Of Success of Gondwana.

More about Boma: www.brilliant-boma.de, and in facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Babsi.mueller.82 .