How it begins …

DSC04063The dogs were in our lives since I can remember, and we hope that they always will be. I remember my grandmother telling me about our bitch who did not leave me to step away from the time when I started to crawl. My first pup came when I was 12 years old, she was not a big bitch, only reaching to the knees, which is typical for dogs who do not belong to any of the known breeds.

With the start of my adult life I moved from the family home to live in Szczecin. 2,5 years during which there was no dog in my live was – thinking about it now in retrospect – a period in which something was missing. One day, without a moment of doubt, we decided that we need to find a dog. So came to us Nira – a small female in the type of miniature schnauzer. She was a charming black pellet so small that I was able to hold her in my hand. We were with her through every stage of her growing up, and now she orders our Rhodesians.

Our interest in the breed of Rhodesian Ridgeback initiated my husband – Adrian, who talked to me for hours about going to Africa, which is his dream, and about the red dogs withs a stripe on their back, which he met with friends in Germany. After many months of reading about the breed we decided that we were ready for 3 – 4 months old Rhodesian to joined us. Our active lifestyle and great natural redheads dogs fit together. The choice of the kennel was not easy, we wanted a dog not only beautiful and after successful parents but also very important was the temperament. So I found a beautiful dog – Buggi from the Czech Republic. Passion for courses, beautiful appearance and his work in kynotherapy with children just captivated me. We started to look for puppies after him in Poland and as it turned out in the kennel „Rhodesian Park Dolomites” were still puppies from Buggi. On the day of my birthday we decided to go after a small Shaan to the other end of the Poland. We met a wonderful mother of the puppies – Eza – and extraordinary people – Mrs. Anna and Mr. Krzysztof Szwed.

Thus 02.07.2014 we started the adventure with Rhodesian, exhibitions and breeding. Shana when she was 10 months and 13 days old – at the show in Sopot where it was jduged by the Czech Lenka Frncova expert on the breed – won the title of the Junior Club Winner of hounds.
At the age of 11 months and 24 days Shana was new Polish Junior Champion, at the age of 15 months and one day we started Polish Championship in Gdynia. Adventure with sports and related professions we started when Shana was over 19 months. She is a learner at the school for dogs „UniwerPSYtet” and under the guidance of Małgorzata Jędrzejczak we prepare for the exams not only in obedience, but also in kynotherapy.
We want the dogs from our kennel to be working dogs. The first competition of the obedience was in Stargard in which our redhead scored 206/210 points, then we competed in Top Speed Dog race where we gained qualify for the competition of Master of TSD !!!

We spend time actively skating, biking in the forest or on walks around the surrounding meadows.
When Shana was only 20 months we went on a long journey to Silesia, to see our friends, and to try our chances in the second competition race of Rhodesian Ridgeback. Shana showed the class, it was the first of her running for bait, and she took fourth place in the category of bitches.
We are home kennel registered in the Kennel Club in Poland, that cares about the psyche and character of our dogs.

radośćWe constantly deepen our knowledge of genetics, inheritance and breeding in order to have a solid foundation to the appropriate mating of the dogs. The choice of stud begin many months before the association by analyzing carefully every disadvantages, advantages and his survey records, as well as his pedigree filled with different fathers. The basis is his character, mentality and temperament.

We strive to make the dogs from our kennel a dogs that will be gentle and willing to train, that will be also the essence of the breed: structure, musculature, elegance, grandeur, strength and speed and the correct long ridge with crowns. The leading aspect is also the health of future RR’s. The dogs in our kennel are studied for any diseases and genetic defects. We examine not only hip dysplasia and elbow joint but a lot of other things likt osteochondrosis brachio – shoulder, knee joints, thyroid hormone, carriers of the blue gene and doing periodic tests such as ultrasound of internal organs and full blood biochemistry.
For buyers of puppies from us, we offer advice at every stage of raising a puppy, at any time of day or night. We will assist and advise in training for exhibitions and shaping the toddler to grown into a wonderful representative of the breed, but above all – a friend for many years.