Dogs from us … (Work & Sports)

In our kennel dogs are our companions above all. They sleep in our home, they accompany us in numerous trips, atour country and abroad (Shana was with us in Praha, Vien and Budapest). We make every effort to ensure that in addition to being well socializd our dogs were also set to work with a human family.

Socialization. Even after a first week of arrivalof our first female – Shana – we began to socialize in the truest sense: walking around the city, making a few hours trips to the pens for dogs, meetings and walks with children, going to the zoo and at the sea. We continue to make every effort to meet the various challenges of normal, human life.

Education. Before 12 months old I trained with Shana in our home. She learned the basics of obedience, but then we decided that it’s not enough and started to go to dog school. We choose Małgorzata Jędrzejczak, wchich owns UniwerPSYtet, and is really great trainer. She persuaded us to partitipate in Rally-O competitions. Besides obedience training we also went to agility classes. We know how few representatives of this breed can show their skills so we want to break stareotyp that RR is not a dog designed to work and compete in Rally-O, Obedience or exams PT.

Sports. As befits Rhodesians, it must be a dog full of energy and desire to chase. Shana repeatedly took part in the competitions checking her skills in this issue and came up trumps! In addition to the already mentioned obedience competitions we also take part in the competition of Top Speed Dog (running at 40 m). We even got a fourth place in Poland in 2015. However, not short distances, but rather the long run makes her happy. Coursing is what they love. For the third competition races of Rhodesian Ridgeback, Shana left behind far more experienced competitors and took first place in the souks and the third in all RR. It is one of the most important of our achievements. In order to best prepare we often go with Shana on a bike , rolls or traditionally go for a run. Our puppies have at their disposal all our grounds, so they are in good shape to try starting in these type of competitions when they are older too!

Work. It was Shana father that was an inspiration for us and thanks to him we understood that the Rhodesian can also be a working dog. For this purpose we put our obedience training which is the basic fot all the work with dogs. We want Shana to follow her father’s footsteps and became a kynotherapy dog. Our debut in working with children took place during the „Researchers’ Night” in Szczecin Junior High School no. 14, where we presented the basic skills of our dogs with obedience and presented a few tricks. Our dream is to create a working RR’s kennel. We also have some plans for our future representatives of this wonderful breed, but more on that later.