Puppies B

Litter B

Litter statistics

  • 10 puppies born – 3 males and 7 bitch
  • 1 extra crown – bitch
  • 1 asymetry crown – bitch
  • No DS
  • No block tail
  • Minimum white
  • All puppies are JME Free and D-locus free by parents


****** Basha Sirius – Canis Maior *****

Ecri girl – princess of this litter, very delicate snout, but is she will attach her mouth to the tit she will not let go even for sleeping 😛 unfortunately her delicate looks don’t mean she has similiar personality 😉 she’s the one starting most of the plays and she loves to provoke her siblings even when they don’t want to play.

She live in Stettin and training Obedience and IPO <3

****** Badu Sirius – Canis Maior *****

Graphite boy – my favourite boy ❤ he reminds me of his father Neo ❤ he loves travels outside of their pen, buy only with full belly 😉 perfect for home where there is already another dog. Loves hugging and reacts well to petting buthe needs time to adujst to new places and situations.

He live in Germany and training Obedience <3

****** Bono Sirius – Canis Maior *****

Green boy – traveler but only for small distances, he definitely prefers staying at their pen far from the rest rather than going outside 😉 as a monthly jumper he loves to play ❤ most self-confident puppy in the boys squad of „B”.

He live in Gdańsk and training Obedience <3

****** Badru Sirius – Canis Maior *****

Light blue boy – he just loves food and eating, no more words are needed ❤ of course that means he is the heaviest 😉 his personaluty is somwhere between green boy and graphite boy. After few minutes he readily accepts new place and begins joyfoul plays 😉

****** Basma Sirius – Canis Maior*****

Mint girl –even right after being born she suprised me with her beautiful crown ❤ rather strong head but her belly is always full too.

****** Bahiya Sirius – Canis Maior *****

Light pink girl – my favourite one since first week. Very calm and loves cuddling with her mother and siblings. Being full after eating she just goes to quiet spot and falls asleep. She will be perfect go a home where already lives another dog

Bahiya live with her new family and children in Berlin.


****** BESSY Sirius – Canis Maior *****

Purple girl – darkest of the whole litter and sometomes she’s trying to sing with her turquoise sister on two voices. Fortunately it’s a rare occurance 😛 She gladly follows humans, loves cudding and sleeping on the human knees ❤ Warm and happy, but she needs 3 minutes to accept new places 😉

Bessy live with her new family and RR sister in Gdańsk <3

****** BIA Sirius – Canis Maior *****

Yellow girl – she reminds me of little adara ❤ loves to eat and sleep. Small, resolute and the funniest out of the whole pack ❤ you just can’t not love her. Open for new situations and very curious about the world, she gladly follows human too.

Bia live with her new family and children in Stettin.

****** BUFFY Sirius – Canis Maior  *****

Turquise girl – our opera singer 😛 it’s very rare when she’s not the one singing, and let me tell you she sings at everythibg 😛 fortunately after the first month of life she discovered that singing doesn’t always work and started slowed down 😉 very open to humans but also a little offensive.

Buffy live with her new family and children in Warsaw.

****** Ballatrix Sirius -Canis Maior  *****

Red girl – smallest of the litter although she starter to grow as big as her sibling in the first week already ❤ she is not the typical greedy eater like the rest of her siblings but she loves cuddling into her mothers neck ❤ Calm,composed and patient… She often likes to sit and just wait for her food because she knows jumping around the doors won’t make food appear faster 😉