It’s time to finish our weekly updates on babies.
Every single one of them started new life in new homes,
and the new updates will be added on our website in babies descriptions ❤

Dear puppies, I wish you a lot of joy, and may the passion and love be with you in every moment of your lives ❤

8th week

It’s the time of parting 😞 At the same time we are happy that all of our babies found a perfect homes, where we will be visiting them for sure. With pride I can announce that beside a lot of love and treats all of the puppies will also receive their obedience training in new homes! Two of them will also learn how to track and of course all of them will be at exhibition shows not only in Poland but also in Deutsch 😉 Our work and time spend on socialization paid off and all new owners were really glad for it. Puppies had no problems with accepting new homes, owners and new dog friends… they just walked into their new lives with waggling tails.
Some more details:

– Agis – was the first one to go into new home near Szczecin (Poland), so we can visit him in summer times without problem. Mr. Jacek and Mrs. Lilianna waited for him all this weeks. Before 9th weeks of life Agis learned how to tell that he needs to go for a walk, didn’t tried to pee in home and learned how to tell that his bowls are empty when he was hungry 😛 He loves to play and apport, can learn on loose leash, is not distracted by the surroundings or other dogs. In summer he will begin his training with professional coach of dogs sports, so we will watch his progress closely. In future he will also go into exhibition shows, so his future is very promising 😉 He also gets along with his small brother (which needs to understand that Agis just wants to play and not eat him :P)

– Argos – second boy who left our home went to Anja who lives near Paderborn. Once in a week Babsi visits his „grandchild” for tea. Anja with children are really patient and gladly traing with Argos the basics commends that are necessary in everyday life. Soon he will visit dog school where he will begin his hard work 😉 He’s very food driven and loves playing time in garden. Like all his siblings he didn’t have any problems with accepting new place, and while Anja works he just stays in his den and does his dog affairs.

– Amor – boy who went to unusual home of Anja and Thorsten. Why unusual? Amor’s new brother (and cousin at the same time) has the exact same white spot on his chest which in not just a normal spot 😉 1 January Amor went to his dog school, and plans for him are really big. Amor accepted his new brother on first glance, I received video with them playing on the first day. A lot of aunt and uncles lives near Hamburg so we will visit him a lot 😉 He was very fast to learn how to annouce that he needs to go outside and accepted his new place.

– Adara – our star and brilliant, the most active from the whole litter, the one that placed all the brothers under herself and vulcan of energy… stays with us ❤ Many peoples asked for her (with some I still have contact) but we decided to keep her with us. At the moment she’s exactly the type of dog we want to work with… She loves to work (well, beside walking by the leg, she prefers to be the first one), already knows all the commends that Shana knows. She’s even glad to work in wet grass or snow ❤ For a 10 week puppie she very intelligent and we will use it for sure. I hope that she will become like her mother and will prove to be even better in coursing races than her mother (since she soo loves to run) 😉

I wish every single one of our puppies: all the best on your new roads in life, a lot of willingness to work and study… and most important I wish you talent and passion in everything you will be doing in future. Our lives are empty without us, but your sister tries really hard to make up for it 🙂 Be brave and give huge amounts of love to your new owners (and don’t let your new dog packs be bored ;))

With love,
Sylwia, Shana, Adara i Nira ❤

Thank you Babsi, Andy and Ciara for your visit to Poland and all the help!

7th week

Next week full of excitement passed by. Babies got their first vaccination and were very brave, the big needle for micro chips was worse, but they quickly forgot about them when our vet doctor Jerzy allowed them to lick his face 🙂. This way every baby now has his own chip number and health books (or passports). Now we wait for an overview of the litter. In this week we got a special visit – Babsi, Andy and Ciara – the proud owners of the father Boma. All babies were happy, guests were glad and proud with them, and we were very happy too ❤ Every baby got a present from their father with which they will go to new homes ❤ We also took an personality tests, the results told us that the babies are rather open for new people and environment, they have a drive for play and are psychologically stable. Agis were the best, but he was also the calmest, unlike Adara who was interested in everything around her 😉 Babies are also big enough to actually play with adult dogs and not only nip them.

6th week

Time flows without mercy, our babies will soon be visited by special guest… Babsi, Andy and Ciara, the owners of their father ❤. Last week flew really fast, a lot of play with some quick naps in between. I’m very proud beacuse they let me sleep between 10pm and 6am, and if I’m quick enough and wake up before them I can take them to the garden and there is no need to clean their beds! 😀 Shana is no longer feeding them milk and she’s coming back to her old form very fast, which makes us really happy.❤ Babies wants more and more contact with humans and will chase him everywhere just to sit on the laps. We are having a lot of guests, all the uncles, aunts and future owners are visiting us frequently, and we can get to know them better. One of the very special persons in last week was Maja, 3 years old girl who is only one day older than Shana (babies mother). I would gladly hire her for a full time job 😉 We also got next de-worming, this time in a pill because they are weighting enough (they really liked banana taste!). Our stars are growing so fast… and it’s closer and closer to the time of parting… Fortunately, we have constant contact and the possibility of visiting our babies and we will certainly use this

5th week

The next week passed and it was a week of many changes. Fully functional teeths tasted raw meat and veal bones for the first time. Kennel cage was fully accepted, mostly due to their mother that loved to sleep in it as a baby. Toys are used more and more often and with a lot of joy. We also have more vguests visits. in this week the babies meet over a dozen of people, including three great chidrens: Karina, Mati and Dawid, as our home is open all day. The sounds for this week were: vacuum cleaner, washing machine, blender, renovation on the first floor of home, the sounds of the city such as the horn, car, bike, tram or train. And we taked another car trip Ahh …. and many other revelations.

4th week

In their 25 day of life the babies taked their first car ride to the vet Mr. Jerzy, where they were thoroughly checked and dewormed. All babies are healthy, nicely gain weight and whats important none of them were afraid of car. It’s also the beggining of first guests visits, in this week they meet five new persons, for now only adults, but we’ll have some children visits soon 😉 The days begin at breakfast, then an hour of playing and then the full bellies fall on the mattress and fell asleep for two hours… and the play begins once more 🙂. Teeths are growing like a weeds, and it’s not something Shana likes. Toys are beginning to be something interesting, the same as legs, ears, noses and other body parts 😉 One more week and we will start going for a walks if the weather will be good.

Third week

At their 16 day of life we finished early neurological stimulation. Next day there was a lot of big changes in babies… I discovered why they were nipping at each other and their mom – They began teething! When Adara is nipping at our fingers we can feel her teeth 😉 Moreover Adara in one day went to their pen „restroom” three times in a row (everytime time I saw they need to go I was putting them in that place ;)). Small thing but it’s a big step to learning cleanliness. We also are taking the babies for small travels, like other rooms in home (of course on our hands), they are learning new smells like flowers, fish tanks, carpets or our bed, and they are meeting Nira and Czika (two small dogs that are super afraid of our babies). They are also starting their first fun, trying to chase each other, they walk for longer distances and with more confidence (big world beside pen is super interesting). Barking, snarling, nipping at each other or Shana and of course wagering of the tails is now our daily life.


Second week

Week of the BIG CHANGES!! Since their eight day of life babies started to open their eyes (of course our gold girl was the first to do it), and at the end of the week all of them could see the big world. Additionally they also started to use their ears, so we started to acclimate them to new house sounds like our talks, washing machine or vacuum machine. We are also slowly ending early neurological stimulation and adding toys into their pen 😉 All babies are getting better and better with moving on four feet.

Babies got their lineage names: ADARA Sirius Canis – Maior (our gold girl)

Adara – second brightests star of Canis Maior. It’s also one of the brightest objects of night sky. It’s female name of greek, hebrew and arabic origin. In arabic Al-Adhārā means virgin, maid, beautiful, noble.

The rest of the babies also got their names, of course everyone of them connected to us, our dogs and with deeper meaning:

ARGOS Sirius – Canis Maior (our purple boy)

Argos – Odysseus dog, who recognized his owner after 20 years of parting. He’s a symbol of dog loyalty.

AMOR Sirius – Canis Maior (our green boy)

In Greek mythology, Eros was the Greek god of love. His Roman counterpart was Cupid („desire”).
Some myths make him a primordial god, while in other myths, he is the son of Aphrodite. He was one of the winged love gods, Erotes.

AGIS Sirius – Canis Maior (our orange boy)

Agis – male name of Greek origin (gr. Άγις), which was formed from the verb Άγω („lead, lead the way, show the way”).
This name means „one who leads”; „The one who shows the way.”


First week
Our Shana delivered her babies in our home, and of course the first dog was born in my bedroom. The rest was delivered quietly in the special pen for them in second room 😉 After 5 nights beside pen with our young mother and four new stars we decided to move them ino our bedroom, so that it would be easier to monitor (especially since we have there shana’s big den that could easily fit two adult rhodesians). And that’s how my spine finally got back to normal. Since they were born we are weighting them everyday, so that we can monitor if everything is perfectly well. Since their third day of life we started early neurological stimulation that will help with:

Better functionality of hearth vessels Strengthening of the cardiovascular system Strengthening of the glands that produce adrenaline Increased resistance to stress Increased resistance to disease.

Already in 5th day of their lifes one of the babies doubled his birth weight. At 7th day the gold girl was more than 1kg! You can already see differences between all the babies:

Gold girl is the biggest, most independent and most silent… she doesn’t care when she fells from her den by accident. She will crawl for a few centimetres in search for mom, and if she can’t reach them she will squeak lightly. It was her that in her 4th night crawled to Adrian at night when he slept beside their pen and scared our Nira that was nearly (poor Nira ran off to her booth scared to death). She’s a brave woman that want every nipple for herself and will succesfully push her brothers everytime they try to reach the same nipple.

Purple boy is the darkest and the most squeamish from all of them, he will cry even when touched by one of the paws of his brothers. He’s favourite of part of the family, including Adrian 😉

Green boy has the longest ridge and is the calmest one, he deson’t care even if someone handles him. He’s my star, bright colour, stunning long ridge, big crown… we will see how he will develop, but the „stars” are telling me it will be all great 😉

Orange boy is the last one, but in second day he catched up with the rest of his siblings. He’s really hassle-free, calm, quiet, in no hurry to eating in contrast to the golden girl. He seems to be the most „red” but time will tell how it turns out.

It’s really amazing feeling when you wake up in the morning and can see how much they growed at night, when you observe them developing and wonders how they will turn out as an adults.