Shana information

Ch. Shana Rhodesian Park Dolomity

Youth Club Winner 2014
Junior Champion of Poland
Champion of Poland
Rally – Obedience Championship
Rally – Obedience 1
Rally – Obedience 2
Rally – Obedience 3
Qualifications to Master of TSD

Born: 10.10.2013 r.

Sir: Excalibur Anunnaki (bonitation of the Czech Rhodesian Club, tests: ZOP and Kynotherapy)
Dam: Eza Apazo Folwark Zwierzęcy

ED: 0/0
Knee joints: proper
OCD: free
D-locus: D/D (Free)
B-locus: B/B (not liver gen)
Ridge disposition (R): R/R dominant homozygote
JME: N/N (Free)
Certificate of eye examination – unaffected genetic eye diseases
Certificate of heart examination – unaffected genetic diseases
Thyroid: proper
USG: internal organs proper
Blood biochemistry: in the norm
Full and correct scissor bite
Hight: 62 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Colour: red-weathen

Owner: Sylwia Kołodziejczak
Handler: Sylwia Kołodziejczak
Breeder: Krzysztof and Anna Szweda







Shana is really nice, joyful and full of life. Her ancestry makes her very agile, fast and robust like typical Rhodesian. It all results in a good performances in Top Speed Dog competitions (running at 40m). Shana is also valued at exhibitions both in our country and abroad, winning first places and gaining really extensive descriptions from the judges.

She is really smart too, creative and resourceful. She is willing to use these advantages in obedience training (she attends UniwerPSYtet school in Szczecin). All the skills that she will gain are used in Rally-o copmetitions, and we hope that in the future she will be equally perfect on the state exam of obedience.

Shana is easy making new friends both with humans and with animals. Her favourite occupation in home is sleeping, and if she finally is well rested then she loves to play with her teddy bears. She loves children, lie down with them, sniff them, lick them, and cuddle. Because of the passion for children we are going on training to prepare to work in kynotherapy.


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  • Rally-Obedience 1
  • Rally-Obedience 2
  • Rally-Obedience 3
  • BH
  • Mental tests: 5/5


. Training:
  • Agility
  • Obedience
  • Coursing


.  More:
  • training Fit Paws
  • activities with children (in kindergarten, Junior High School)


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