Adara information

Adara Sirius – Canis Maior

Adara Sirius - Canis Maior Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel FCI (8)


Born: 22.10.2016 r.

Sir: Igugu Lethu Brilliant Boma (bonitation ZZP)
Dam: R1,R2,BH, Ch. Shana Rhodesian Park Dolomity (R1, R2, BH, Mentaltests: 5/5)

HD: ./.
ED: ./.
OCD: ..
D-locus: ./. (…)
B-locus: ./. (…)
Ridge disposition (R): ./.
Certificate of eye examination –
Certificate of heart examination –
USG: internal organs
Blood biochemistry:
Full and correct scissor bite
Hight: .. cm
Weight: .. kg
Colour: red-weathen

Owner: Sylwia Kołodziejczak
Handler: Sylwia Kołodziejczak
Breeder: Sylwia Kołodziejczak




Adara is the first puppy which was orn in our hennel ❤ As a puppy she is a very active dog, which wants human love and gives the joy to the whole world ❤ Her origin makes her extremely eager to work with a man and that’s what we want, we desire that every pup who comes from our kennel be so willikg to work like Adara ❤ At a very young age she is very agile, fast and strona and I hope to use it in sports as soon as she grows up. She is also extremely intelligent, inventive and creative, always finds a companion to play or comes up with a „new game”. Her advantages are willingly used for training in obedience. At the age of 10 weeks she knew commands such as „sit”, „down”, „leave”, „come”, „stand”, „wait”. I’m sure we will use her potential.


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Adara videos training.


. Training:
  • Obedience
  • PTT
  • PT
  • Dummy
  • BH
.  More:
  • training Fit Paws

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