2x CACIB Maribor 2017

AMOR Sirius – Canis Maior <3 5 months
(Igugu Lethu Brilliant Boma & Shana Rhodesian Park Dolomity)

2x Very promising
2x Best Mirror Puppy in Breed
and 2x training in honour ring <3

We are really proud <3

owner: Anja Wolf and Thorsten de Vries
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New Argos Photos!! <3

ARGOS Sirius - Canis Maior Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel FCI (2)

New Adara photos !! <3

Adara Sirius - Canis Maior FCI Kennel ZkwP hodowla Rhodesian Ridgeback Poland



This week we visited friends in Stettin <3 Adara practiced obedience with a Gosia group. It is a new situation, new dogs, a new place and sounds for Adara <3 She work really good. I’m pround of Adara


Adara and Shana meet Agis in Myślibórz (PL)!

In last week we visited our orange boy in Myślibórz (Poland). Agis is amazing boy who really likes to learn. <3 He has beautiful colour and proportion. We are proud of our Orange boy – Agis <3

Adara and Agis have 4 months

DSC05149for more click on photo ..


New Amor photos !! <3

Amor Sirius - Canis maior Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel FCI hodowla ZKwP (3)


We invite you to visit our hot new YouTube channel <3
You will find there videos of our training, competitions and fun in our spare time. I warmly welcome you all 🙂

At the beginning of the video progress Adara!
Age: 3 months

<3 When Hambur met with Wewelsburg <3

So the family reunion of our children in Germany <3
Amor, along with their owners decided to visit his dad and brother from the other end of Germany.
There was no end of joy, and the father is proud of his offspring <3


New photos in the galleries of our puppies !!
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Adara, Argos, Amor, Agis.

Sirius Canis Maior Litter A Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel FCI

Litter „A” – Our first babys !



We finished the first week!
Each of our puppies already on the fifth day doubled their birth weight.
From the third day onwards we use early neurological stimulation in our puppies, which aims to

  Improving the functioning of the heart vessels.
     Strengthening the cardiovascular system.
     Strengthening glands secrete adrenaline.
     Increased resistance to stress.
     Increased resistance to disease.
more photos on our Facebook page.

Sirius Canis Maior Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel FCI ZKwP hodowla (1)


Today born puppies long awaited, first born into „our star” !!! <3
For our family joined one pretty girl and the three wonderful boys !!
All healthy with good birth weight and sucking reflex. At the moment, we have not identified DS, knick or other faults, all of our dog’s children have beautiful long ridge with crowns.
Shana feels good and works perfectly as a mother.
More about puppies: Puppies Litter A 😉

Sirius Canis Maior Kennel FCI ZKwP hodowla Rhodesian Ridgeback litter A

28.07.2016 r.

Research Thermographic !!

Perhaps the most comprehensive results of what we did 🙂 all the documentation is 25 pages !!! : D

Kindest care and professional approach to the patient, I’m sure we will remember a great visit to the veterinary clinic rehabilitation VETICO.

Due to the sport lifestyle of Shana we decided to do a routine check of muscles and bones of her whole body, because as we all know, not everything can be visible to the eye… and trainig, or even just active lifestyle can cause injuries and concussions.

Shana is having appropiate body weight and extremely symetrically arranged muscles, well-developed muscular system, and her body temperature is also sumetrically distributed. All this tell us that her doses of exercise are appropriate, as well as her diet. fitness and very good bone structure and functioning of the entire system of traffic without charge. Generally speaking Shana is a perfect picture of health.. as Mrs. Barry said she rarely sees dogs so symmetrical.A slight increase in emissions was visible only in one place on the left spine and muscle around the right gastrocnemius muscle which could be caused by careless over the forest two days earlier;) So relaxing weekend, and on Monday we practice further !!!

New title: Rally – Obedience 2 !!!
Shana even with lack in traigning in the last few days managed to do wel in Rally – Obedience competition in Szczecin.
She received 205/210 points in 2,23min time and got 2nd place!
It was our last performance in class 2 and we got the title of Rally-Obedience 2!

For full health record we missed only hearth examination.
We patienlty waited for the best cardiologist in Poland – Mr. Rafał Niziołek.
Finally in Thursday we checked Shana’s heart with full examination + EKG.
As we expected she’s totally healthy, so once more the saying „in a sound body there is a sound dog”.

First place in Class 2 – Rally-Obedience!!!!
We had a strong class (6 dogs).
Shana won: 210/210 points in time 2,56 min

 I’m soo proud! My lovely girl <3

16.04.2016 r.
Shana passed in one day:
Examination for assistance dogs, with behaviour test, and verification of the leader knowledge about Rules of Procedure ( BH / VT )
Mental tests which test the behavior of the dog in five different situations:
1. dog reaction toward people
2. dog reaction in unusual situation
3. dog reaction toward other animals
4. dog reaction to the shots
5. verification of psychical resistance


29.02.2016 r. i 03.03.2016 r.
Shana was invited to kindergarten in Szczecin. 😀
Our job was to present children the history of the breed and their preferences,
and then presenting safe behaviors when dealing with strange dogs.
At the end shana presented to children a short demonstration of obedience,
an in return she received a treat from each of the participants for giving the paw.
The task was more difficult than it sound because the age range of the childrens was from 3 to 4 years old.

27.02.2016 r.

Planet Pet Society Rally-Obedience 2016 Cup in Sopot.
I Cup competitions this year !!!
Shana won: 210/210 points in time 2,21 min
It was her debut in the second class, and she already has fourth place.
It was really hard, indoor competitions near the horse boxes, with barking dogs, and to make it harder weather was really cold and ground was damp… I’m proud!